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Seeking a Social Media Job

Page history last edited by Patrick Curl 13 years ago

This page is for all Social Media Club members and friends who are seeking a position in Social Media.  Since we get asked so often by recruiters for links to people we would reccomend, and I can never remember who is seeking a job at any given point in time, this page is a simple solution to helping everyone out.  On the other side of the equation, I (Chris Heuer) personally have a site for job postings located at socialmediajobs.com - we are working on some new solutions to the whole hiring process which will be complete by the fall - you may also want to check out gigs.ly


A few rules


- dont put more then your name, contact info, twitter link, linkedin link, blog and one sentence about the type of position you are seeking - you may also link to your resume online if you are not using LinkedIn for this purpose

- after you get a job, please, please, please come back here and remove your name

- dont remove anyone else's name and links unless it is clearly spam - be kind to other job seekers

- if you see spam here, please delete it. help us manage this page so it stays useful for everyone




Social Media Job Seekers



  • Chris Heuer, contact form, @chrisheuer, LinkedIn, Blog - I am seeking a senior level position at a well respected brand to direct and execute their global social strategy
  • Lauren Mullins, @LaurenMullins, Linkedin, Blog/Portfolio - Recent college graduate seeking junior level position at an interactive agency specializing in social media and emerging technology. 
  • Kaitlyn Dennihy, @KaitlynDennihy , Linkedin, Portfolio - May 2010 UGA graduate seeking an entry level position in an interactive agency or corporate setting to specialize in digital strategy, research and execution. 
  • Bridgette Collado, @bcollado, Linkedin - health communicator, nutritionist, social media junkie, health literacy activist seeking position in the healthcare sector to design and execute strategic technology-based and social communications
  • Jean-Luc Nahon, @Johnny_Lucky, LinkedIn - INSEAD MBA with a 6-year US experience in high-tech and who specializes in social media strategy and marketing, seeks a position in strategic marketing, project management and business development
  • Patrick Curl, @patrickcurl - LinkedIn - Sites: SM Consulting / Blog - Massage Therapist turned blogger, and social media strategist. I get results, I have built a blog to 2k subscribers, gained 12k targeted followers on Twitter, and know how to get good ranking in search engines as well (first 5 pages for Social Media Consultant). Seeking an entry-level - mid-level job at a foreward thinking company that embraces social media.

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