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What is Social Media - A Working Definition to Share with Others


See Blog Post here for original definition.


Social Media is redefining how we relate to each other as humans and how we as humans relate to the organizations that serve us. While it is commonly represented by blogs, podcasts, vlogs, wikis, user generated content and social networks, it is not about those specific things as much as it is about what happens around and because of those things. This includes most notably the ability and desire to easily share with each other, to build upon that which is shared and to discover people, places and things that are of interest to you, because the sharing of these things with these new tools, is making visible that which was previously unknown.


While the early days of the Internet talked about the Three C's of Content, Commerce and Community, we have come to realize that this era of our evolutionary growth has it's own Three C's, which speaks more closely to the fundamental needs of society beyond the interest in the technology for its own sake. The "Greater Significance" of Social Media is a newfound understanding of the importance of Context, Communications and Collaboration. The context of what we are trying to accomplish and why we are passionate about it is the starting point for our conversations and the basis of everything else. Communications in its traditional and emerging forms, references how we come to understand and connect with each other. Collaboration is about how we work together for our common and individual interests within the various contexts in which we invest our attention.

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