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Web Hosting Guide

Page history last edited by Scott Kaufman 15 years ago

After getting burned for the final time by 1and1 Web Hosting, I realized it was time to take action.  It doesn't seem like there are any good buying guides for web hosting and all are being driven by affiliate program managers who are trying to make a buck.  We need a reliable, unbiased, 3rd party to create a guide, so I thought, wouldn't a wiki just solve that problem?  Maybe not, but here is a start as I try to figure out where we are going to move to and how I am going to pay to get all the work done...


In the short term, please also consider taking this poll if you have had any experiences with 1and1 Hosting.


Please note, NO AFFILIATE ACCOUNT LINKS - this directory is only for buyers of web hosting to list their favorites and the ones that should be avoided. 


I restructured this in a way that we have a list where users can add comments like :-) = good :-( = bad.

We use HostMySite for the application servers and they are great (but then there are certainly people with different experience).

We also use 1and1 and over 5 years and have had no compaints what so ever.


Great Hosting Companies


Approximate Price/month Comments
Laughing Squid    
Site5   customer for 6 years, but for 1 domain only, great tech support but email only
Modwest starts at $9/mo still offers shell acccess, good support, helpful support knowledgebase, performace is excellent
Mosso $100 Cloud hosting. Live online service, Handles traffic spikes well, Interface via FTP mostly, allow remote MySQL connections.







Good Hosting Companies


Approximate Price/month Comments
Media Temple   Why not great? MT is widely regarded as a great host. 
Host Monster $5 Cpanel interface, easy setup. Tends to get overloaded every month [this is not good, but maybe at $5/mo it is par], but not bad.
Godaddy   Economy hosting not good if you are doing something custom.  Very good for beginners and simple blog/other sites.  Great service. Beware of the heavy upselling
OODA Domains  
Very good for beginners and simple blog/other sites.  Great service provided by Wild West Domains.









Terrible Web Hosting Companies


Approximate Price/month Comments

Doesn't matter, avoid at all costs



I have actually very good experience since over 5 years @AxelS

bad support, bad infrastructure, bad billing systems, rude support, unreliable servers, focused only on profit


I find the cost attractive, the domain manager well layed out. Easy to use billing. (Just my experience)

Cyberwurx   Frequent crashes due to system overloads. Customer service is responsive.
Surpass Hosting Varies Terrible customer support, unreliable hosting, will under deliver than upsell you on more services















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