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Social Media Club DC (SMC-DC)

Leadership Team


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The Social Media Club DC (SMC-DC) is looking for help shaping the future of social media in the DC metro area. We have identified roles that we needed support filling. These people form the leadership team of the SMC-DC group. The leadership team is responsible for attending a planning meeting in early August (date TBD) and executing monthly meetings and events for the organization.


If you'd be interested in helping, please send an email to larissafair @ gmail dot com. This is also a great opportunity for an organization to elect one point person to fulfill the role, while allowing for a team effort behind the scenes.


SMC-DC Chair (President): Larissa Fair 

Email: larissafair @ gmail dot com

Twitter: @LYF108


As chair of the local organization, this person is responsible for:


  • Coordinating communication between all members of leadership team
  • Coordinating with the Programming Director to identify leadership team planning meetings, master calendar, public meeting and event topics, and identify speakers and venues for each event
  • Managing relationship and communications with national Social Media Club organization


Time commitment: 6-10 hours per month


Programming Director (Executive Vice President): Andrea Baker

Email: andrearosebaker @ gmail dot com

Twitter: @immunity


At the heart of the Social Media Club is great interactive events. The Programming Director manages all aspects of the activity calendar for SMC-DC. This person is responsible for:


  • Developing and managing the schedule of events, including regular (monthly) public meetings and planning meetings
  • Identifying topics for upcoming events (with other Directors)
  • Coordinating with the Partnership Director to secure speakers and identify venues for each event
  • Securing speaker bios and contact information (share information with Promotions Director)
  • Preparing the event program for each public event, including agenda, directions and other special instructions
  • Hand off event program to Promotions Director for publicity and Event Managers for planning and coordination of event


Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month 


Partnership/Sponsorship Director (Vice President): Anna Gabbert and Travis Mason


Twitter: @annagabbert @tgmason


Our activities wouldn't be possible without partners. We partner with other businesses and organizations to find topics, speakers and venues for future activities. The Partnership Director manages the relationships with other important social media organizations (both national and local), as well as with local businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring or hosting upcoming activities. This person is responsible for:


  • Managing relationships with other national and local social media-related organizations
  • Build and maintain relationships with, and identify co-sponsorship opportunities with, local marketing and technology organizations
  • Identifying and managing the relationships with past and future event sponsors, co-sponsors and venues
  • Coordinating with the Programming Director to find appropriate time slots, topics and venues for partner-sponsored events
  • Coordinating with the Event Manager to identify speaker and sponsor needs for each event


Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month 


Promotions Director (Vice President): Sarah Wurrey


Twitter: @sarahwurrey


Promotion is key to the ultimate success of our organization--and the earlier the better! This person is responsible for:


  • Updating the Social Media Club web pages on the wiki 
  • Coordinating with Programming Director to secure program agenda for each event
  • Promoting future events through all established SMC-DC channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email)
  • Publicizing future events through online and traditional channels
  • Recording, publishing and sharing audio and video from events (works with the Content Organizer/Digital Scribe)


Time commitment: 3-4 hours per month 


Event Managers: Meg Roberts, Nisha Chittal, Sara Burson and Andi Navarez


Twitter: @megmroberts @nishachittal @saraburson @andinarvaez


In order to ensure that someone is able to attend each event, this role is open for two people (or one organization) to share. This role is responsible for all aspects of event execution, including:


  • Assuming responsibility for event program from Programming Director
  • Scheduling and managing planning meetings with event sponsors and speakers
  • Managing on-site signage, video, audio and lighting (work with Partnership/Sponsorship Director)
  • Coordinating food and drink with event sponsors and/or venue (work with Partnership/Sponsorship Director)
  • Staffing and managing event registration (work with Partnership/Sponsorship Director)
  • Managing development and collection of feedback forms
  • Managing giveaways and all-other on-site activities, if applicable


Time commitment: 3-4 hours per month 


Membership Managers: Maia Kotlus-Gates and Beth McNamee


Twitter: @maiakg @bethmcnamee


The membership director is responsible for three important roles:


  • Managing the master membership list of SMC-DC
  • Managing the SMC-DC Twitter feed and interacting with users
  • Promoting local membership in the national Social Media Club organization


Time commitment: 2 hours per month 


Content Organizer/Digital Scribe: Gabriel Key


Twitter: @gabrielmkey


The content organizer/digital scribe can be a shared role between two to three persons to ensure that someone is able to cover each SMC-DC event. The team is responsible for:


  • Recording, publishing and sharing audio and video from events
  • Posting material to YouTube, Facebook, uStream, etc.


Time commitment: 3-4 hours per month


As the group develops, other roles may be identified. Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you! Again, if you'd like to volunteer for these or other roles with SMC-DC, please email Larissa Fair: larissafair @ gmail dot com. Thanks!

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