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Social Media Club Vancouver






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This is a white space for ideas for upcoming events. Hopefully it will help us match ideas up with sponsors, organizers, venues and dates!


Throw your ideas into the table below. It doesn't matter how crazy they are. We'll consider them all. Thanks!



2010 Your Business' Social Media Footprint Eric Weaver (@weave) Eric Weaver, local YVR  recruiter DDB  Canada DDB  Canada  
March/April 2010  Personal Branding and the future of employment 

Kemp Edmonds


Rebecca Bolwitt, Shane Gibson, Kemp Edmonds and/or...

BCIT Downtown, Century House

fee for costs or help, Venue: Kemp Edmonds/BCIT  Open to ideas 
--- Social Media Monitoring


  Free Social Media Tools Versus Paid Tools

Kemp Edmonds






  Best Use of Social Media

Kemp Edmonds


  Building Community

Kemp Edmonds


  Connecting for Good (Building Strong Real Long Term Connections

Kemp Edmonds


  Guerilla Marketing for Social Media Shane Gibson        


(*I broke the tables, don't know how though, just input info - Apologies - Kemp*)


Help us keep Social Media Club Vancouver events free! We're looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of hosting a group of between 40-60 (and sometimes larger) social media gurus, students and fans.


The Social Media Club Vancouver attracts potential employees, customers, partners and users for any company looking to grow their visibility among social media savvy people.


The Social Media Club Vancouver meets to discuss all aspects of social media. Each program focuses on a specific topic, and includes a panel discussion and break-out sessions to explore various facets of each topic.


Comments (1)

Chris Mathieson said

at 11:46 pm on Dec 14, 2009

I've been pondering lately about how social media skill can be an effective part of an educator's toolkit. Id' be interested in hosting an event at the Police Museum on this sort of topic, or help present on the topic (I have no shortage of strong opinions on the topic...)

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