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Social Media Club Cats

Page history last edited by Banned User 11 years, 6 months ago

A very simple idea. Collect cats related to the SMC Sphere. Format: [Chapter], [Living at - Names], [TwitterIDs], [Name of cat], [Cat of Cat - Category ;)], [Other misc info in some tweet lengths], [Other Pic Sources]


Hashtags for this page and conversating SMC Cats in general on twitter and flickr are #smccat #smccats. [ through @kristiewells :) ]


We do not discriminate dogs. Or other pets whatever category. We just encourage those having other animals at home to start their own dedicated photo pages in that case ;).


Don't complain about excessive load times. If you enjoy cats, you know about the things called "patience", "tolerance" and "endurance" :). And we all know that our little darlings are worth waing for, aren't we :) ?


Peace, Anders

http://smcogtl.se - Sweden

- taking the initiative, wiki style -






Living in Norrköping, Sweden, at Karin Johansson (@akrogirl) and Anders Abrahamsson (@sliceonline), of Social Media Club Östergötland.

Named Wendy, breed: Holy Birma.

Old distinguished lady at 16 years of age 2009. Strong character with a broad vocabulary.

Owned and brought up by Karin, and Anders got adopted by Wendy May 2008.

More Wendy pics at Karin's photoblog.




From the @chrisheuer/@kristiewells Household in San Francisco, CA:  Ele and Ana. Calico breed, sisters, 8 years old. Loves wet food (canned) much to Kristie's dismay who prefers to give them dry. Ele is a lover, wants to be near you at all times. Ana just wants a sunny window and a fly to chase around the house.


And together....the princesses (Ele on the left, Ana on the right):







My addition is my sweet 'Trollet' that I was given by a Twitterfriend about three moths ago. She's a 2,5 year old perisan that initially was very shy and afriad, but now she's such a sweet cat. You can find more photos of here at my flickr, where I am cityrat59 also on Twitter





Chapter:  @SMC_Rochester NY [Ning website] [Facebook "Fan" Page]

Living:     @SusanBeebe - Founder, SMC Rochester [See my Blog]


"Kitty" is an 8.5 year old, very shy, but happily spoiled, female "Russian Blue" breed (blue gray fur with white markings, stunning green eyes).  She loves to lounge around the house in all the sunny places, watch "birdies", chase bugs, eat and sleep all day long!  She follows us around the house, sleeps with us.  She knows lots of words, adores people food, Paul Newman's can food and comes running when you call her by name!  very smart and adorable kitty!  :)







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eugenia said

at 11:42 pm on Jul 13, 2009

Sabian que todos los gatos de 3 colores son hembras. Ya que estos colores se encuentran en un gen ligado al sexo. Es decir, en el alelo XX. Saludos

Kristie Wells said

at 8:53 am on Jul 30, 2009

This was such a great idea by Anders. I love being able to see 'loved ones' from folks around the world. Beautiful cats. All of them.

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