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SMCORL Meeting Notes 11-10-09

Page history last edited by Christina 10 years, 9 months ago



Goals for the local group

     No membership fees

     Partnership or help other local event promoters

          - example: Partner with Ignite Orlando to create "Social Media Ignite" - a social media focused Ignite style event

     engage college community

          - Rollins, UCF and Full Sail are hungry for speakers

          - Lots of students as potential attendees for our events

     reaching out to the chamber of commerce

          - still think there is a big opportunity to bring social media education to local business through Chamber connections

     How to reach the local C-Suite and help them understand SM (present success stories)

          - how do we help grow corporate social media adoption in CFL. Get our message to CEOs through targeted events.

     Speaker exchanges with other FL SMC chapters


Event/Presentation ideas

     Educational events where we do investment club style presentation (nominate three members pre-event to research a new/hot social technology and present their findings to the group)

     Social Media Ignite - Partner with Ignite Orlando to create "Social Media Ignite" - a social media focused Ignite style event

     Newbie mentoring program (makeover event) - Workshop series where a single person is helped with integrating Social Media into their lives - enables us to see progression and outcome of previous sessions.

     Brand monitoring -> Very important, yet sometimes overlooked, facet of Social Media. Teach people the why's and how's of brand monitoring

     There's a whole slew of LARGE social platforms which are popular outside of the US (Bebo, Orkut, etc.) Teach the local community about these platforms

     Social Media looking for a job - How to leverage social media to find a job and land a job

     Metrics in social media, Metrics in social media, Metrics in social media.

     Executive presentations (social media success stories) - this would tie into our goal of reaching the C-Suite in Orlando

     Bring a newbie - bring a social media noob, show em the ropes and get em hooked

     Education: developing a social media policy

     Education: Social Media best practices

     Listening educational event (touches on reasons, strategies, tools to accomplish, etc.)

          Think of Jeremiah Oywang's recent blog post - http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2009/11/10/evolution-the-eight-stages-of-listening/

     cutting through clutter (pros and cons of common social media tools - how to pick what's right for your needs)

     how to use social media tools (how to leverage these tools for your job)

     making the case for social media (PR focus?)

     Social Media Press Releases - how to effectively use them. How to connect and build network of influencers for PR purposes. What impact do recent FTC guideline updates have to PR folks and SM press releases? Since they are being paid must

     The integration of social media into the total marketing mix. How does social media fit into your entire marketing ecosystem? How to do you connect all the dots?



Leadership team update


     Too early to assign leadership roles and most of us don't have event operations experience. Instead of picking now, we're moving forward with our first event, will pick a temp leadership team for that event. Idea is to let people try on SMC operational roles, see where there interest lies.



Event Announcements

     We're doing a Tweet-up in Dec

     First event in Jan (New Year. New Chapter) -  We're just going to do it. Lets not worry about tons of planning and making it perfect. Just make it happen...it WILL be fun, regardless of the snafus that are bound to happen.

          Format for this meeting: 3 speakers / unique topic for each speaker / 30 minute session each / 20 minutes of prezi and 10 minutes QandA.

          Exact topics TBD. Will post on our FB community and allow voting through Poll Daddy. YOU decide. Once topics are decided, we need to delegate roles for event team.


          Initial SMC event ideas

               Jeremy - Listening educational event (touches on tools, strategies, etc.)

               Bob - cutting through clutter (pros and cons of common social media tools - how to pick what's right for your need)

               Mark - 3 up to 20 minute presentations (10 for Q&A) on 3 different topics (Twitter analysis on ORL shooting, brand monitoring,  ??) - follow-up with a panel discussion

                         - show and tell of social media enabled companies

               Yusila - how to use tools (how to leverage these tools for your job)

               Christina - making the case for social media (PR focus?)

                         - how to use social media releases - connecting with influencers

                         - FTC changes. what does this mean for PR folks posting about their clients (disclosure)

               David - the integration of social media into the total marketing mix

               Art - social media measurement ( strategy and tactics of measurement - measuring awareness, ROI)

               Lisa - Local CEO success stories (  )

               John Frost - Keynote speaker (CEO, motivational) - Multiple tracks

               Jim - Connecting why with how you measure it. The social part of social media (efficiency of communications)



Action items

     Look to what Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa are doing. Establish relationships with other FL chapter leadership teams

     Jeremy: Talk to Dan Kinchen about Social Media Ignite

     Jeremy: Move our community homepage to a Facebook fan page

     Mark: Help procure a location for our first event. Possible locations: Configurations (Mark to contact George) - fits about 50 people - maybe planet digital (thornton park)?

     Jeremy: Add first event ideas to FB and setup Polldaddy for voting...

     Jeremy: Start recruiting volunteers to plan the Dec tweet-up

          Dec Tweet-up. Who wants to run with organizing this? We need a location, possibly that will offer drink specials. Do we do on a week night or weekend? What date?

          (From Christina - Etan hasn't organized an Orlando Tweetup in a few months. Maybe we partner with him to do the December one. This event reaches a lot of people, so it would be a great way to promote the club. We could also reach out to CFN13. They did one that had a pretty good turnout as well.)



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