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SMCEDU Georgetown University

Page history last edited by Yu-Ching Chiang 14 years, 8 months ago

The #SMCEDU project seeks to ensure that graduates from every college/university are media literate and are able to competently understand and apply the emerging lessons from social media in organizations. It has always been the goal of Social Media Club to create what I think of as a "path to professionalism" for citizen journalists, story tellers, video producers, communications professionals and engineers.


We will support existing social media education efforts such as PR Open Mic, Classroom 2.0, Social Media Classroom and others while also seeking to coordinate efforts with school administrators and local professionals.  Key to our success will be connecting the local Social Media Club groups more closely with their local universities to co-create a combination of mentoring programs, internships, professional development opportunities and a repository of Creative Commons licensed Social Media curriculum. As such, we are seeking local Social Media Club chapters with existing professors and ties to local schools to join our efforts to create some pilot programs.





Social Media Club Education Connection at Georgetown University

Chapter Charter



  1. Name

A.     The name of this organization shall be the Social Media Club Education Connection at Georgetown University; herein referred to as SMCEDU-GU.

  1. Statement of Purpose

A.     The purpose of this organization shall be to:

                                                      1.            Educate members of the Georgetown University community about the importance of social media in for-profit, non-profit, government and personal applications;

                                                      2.            Facilitate seminars, lectures, and speaker panels on such topics;

                                                      3.            Promote the interaction between members and industry professionals;

                                                      4.            Support members on social media projects.

  1. Affiliation

A.     SMCEDU-GU shall be affiliated to the Georgetown University Hilltop Consultants and shall abide by the laws laid down by this body.

                                                      1.            The business and affairs of SMCEDU-GU shall at all time be conducted in accordance with the Constitution of Georgetown University Hilltop Consultants.

                                                      2.            By virtue of this affiliation, SMCEDU-GU and all members acknowledge that they are subject to the laws and rules of the Georgetown University Student Code of Conduct.

B.     Affiliation to the Georgetown University Hilltop Consultants shall supersede all other affiliations. This should be OK right?

C.     SMCEDU-GU shall be an official chapter of the Social Media Club, herein referred to as SMC, and as such is subject to the laws and rules of the SMC governing body.

D.     Through this affiliation, SMCEDU-GU is entitled to all rights and benefits conferred upon them by SMC as an official chapter including:

                  1.        Recognition by SMC as an officially affiliated SMC chapter;

                  2.        Legal rights to use the name "Social Media Club", “Social Media Club Education Connection”, “SMC” and "SMCEDU";

                  3,        Permission to use materials copyrighted by SMC and/or provided by SMC at SMC functions;

                  4.        The right to promote SMC and other SMC chapters at their functions;

                  5.        Entitlement to funding from SMC as proper need and resources avail;

                  6.        Advice and help in running SMCEDU-GU.

               E.     The SMC Board of Directors shall have the authority to revoke affiliation with SMCEDU-GU, at their discretion, should:

                          1.        The activities of the SMCEDU-GU leadership at any time violate the mission statement of SMC.

                          2.        All activities of the SMCEDU-GU chapter cease and the Board of Directors deem the chapter inactive.

               F.      Should affiliation to SMC be revoked by either party at any time, SMCEDU-GU shall no longer have any of the rights and benefits conferred upon as an official chapter of SMC.

  1. Membership

A.     Membership shall be open to all interested registered students, faculty, and staff of Georgetown University.

B.     SMCEDU-GU shall at all times have at least a membership status free of all membership fees and charges.

C.    Voting membership shall be conferred upon all REQUIREMENTS for VOTING MEMBERSHIP

Should SCMEDU members have votes in Hilltop? If so, this must be granted in the Hilltop Constitution

  1. Meetings

A.     SMCEDU-GU shall meet no less than once per month during the academic year.

B.     SMCEDU-GU shall host speakers and discussion meetings in accordance with the Statement of Purpose.

  1. Officers

                 What officers are needed (Director of SCMEDU) as long as these directors are not menitoned in the Hilltop Constituion they will not have exec. board rights.

  1. Amendments

A.     Amendments to the chapter charter shall be subject to a two-thirds (2/3) majority of all voting members.



Possible Event Topics

Discussion and demo of hello.bah.com by AJ Dronkers

Proposed Dates: Week of October 12, Week of November 2, Week of November 16


Discussion of how companies monetize social media

Proposed Dates: Week of October 12, Week of November 2, Week of November 16


Discussion of how different types of organization use social media to further their goals

Proposed Dates: Week of October 12, Week of November 2, Week of November 16


Professional Sponsor

Steve Radick


Faculty Sponsor





Potential Contacts





Meeting Minutes

Comments (4)

Renee Goldman said

at 3:47 pm on Aug 26, 2009

Thanks Nick - this looks great so far!

For Article VI - what do you and Lin think about forming a small internal team to determine the success criteria? I feel like the evaluation of its success and determination of future direction would really be more effective if we devoted a few members to that particular effort. There's more to success than just the number of events and I want to make sure we don't miss anything important.

Also, what do the two of you think about a Faculty Sponsor or multiple sponsors? I feel like this could be really valuable and maybe we could encourage some of our professors (think marketing, promotional strategy, etc.) to get more involved in social media. I also think it's possible that they'll be able to encourage their students to attend events sponsored by SMCEDU-GU, which could also bring in new members to Hilltop Consultants. If we had a faculty sponsor (or multiple sponsors), what exactly would this person's responsibilities be? Do you have in mind any professors we could contact? Let's start a list of potential professors to contact in the Faculty Sponsor section of this wiki.

Renee Goldman said

at 2:33 pm on Aug 28, 2009

Lin - thanks for the updates!

SMCEDU-GU's affiliation with Hilltop does supercede other affiliations since it will be administered by Hilltop. I've been picturing it running in a way very similar to the way we run the BSC as a separate entity under the Hilltop Consultants umbrella. Does that make sense to you or do you guys have other suggestions?

As for voting rights, I think the SMCEDU members would be more like our Hilltop general membership, which isn't eligible to vote in decisions pertaining to the project teams, overall organization or BSC. I'd either restrict voting to only Hilltop's voting members or allow any SMCEDU-GU members to vote on decisions that affect the SMCEDU part of the organization, but not other parts. Thoughts? We should include how many people need to vote yes for an item to pass. I'd just calculate based on the people present at the voting meeting to keep it simple.

Renee Goldman said

at 2:33 pm on Aug 28, 2009

For officers, I really don't think we can decide on this now since we'll have to see how much time it actually requires. One thing I've mentioned before is the possibility of having a team of 2-3 returning project members do an internal project related to SMCEDU-GU. They could determine the metrics for evaluating its success in its first semester and make recommendations related to its future governance. Maybe for now it makes sense to put that the officers and election process will be determined in the spring of 2010 depending on the needs and resources we have at that time? That depends on what types of clients we have lined up and what kind of students we're able to recruit. I'd like to have our voting meembers vote on this charter early in this semester just to be safe and then we could do another vote in the spring when it gets updated. What do you think?

Lin Yang said

at 6:00 am on Aug 30, 2009

Rene, I had Hilltop affiliation supersede all others because in the million to one chance that SMC directives conflict with Hilltop ones there is a contingency plan. Unlike BSC, which has no other affiliations other than GU Hilltop, SMCEDU-GU may run into the time old dilemma of which parent to listen to.

I guess if we run SMCEDU this year informally, we can see how things go before finalizing details such as officers and voting.

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