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Richmond, VA (USA)

Page history last edited by Robert J Holland 13 years, 7 months ago

Social Media Club Richmond, VA




We're currently looking for sponsors for upcoming events. Please contact Caroline Platt if you're interested in sponsoring an event--you can suggest a topic and help us with a venue!



We're also looking for great ideas for upcoming events. Please share your thoughts below on possible upcoming events, speakers, sponsors, etc. below.


Our schedule of events is below. Locations, hosts/sponsors and topics will be listed as they become available. All events are FREE, unless otherwise stated. As agendas become available, we'll add links to them from this page (click on the date). Thanks to our sponsors, and to everyone on the Leadership team for their hard work to make this schedule possible! 



  • May 7, 2009:  The big kick-off! Hosted by Morton's The Steak House, 5-8pm. $15 (food and drinks included)
  • June 9, 2009:  "New Media & the News" Panel Discussion  The Science Museum of VA $15 5-8pm (food and drinks included)


NOTE: Please tag all blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and photos with smcrva and socialmediaclub. If you upload photos to Flickr, we would appreciate you adding them into the Social Media Club pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/socialmediaclub/. Thank you!



All our past events can be viewed on the SMC website.




  • Venue recommendations: TBD
  • Sponsors: TBD 




The leadership team for Social Media Club Richmond, VA  along with active volunteer is listed below.  We are always looking for more people to help  shape the future of social media in our local area so if you're interested in helping out, please send an email to Doug Meacham. And your input on these roles is welcome--as with all the Social Media Club Wiki pages, this one is editable too (the password is above, feel free to add your comments or suggestions below).




* Jolie Odell, jolie.odell@gmail.com

* Kelly Vance, kvance@hodgespart.com

* Emily Duke, eduke@hodgespart.com


Programming Director - Nathan Hughes

Email: nathan@bandazian.com


At the heart of the Social Media Club is great interactive events. The Programming Director manages all aspects of the activity calendar for the Richmond, VA club. This person is responsible for:

  • Developing and managing the schedule of events, including regular (monthly) public meetings and planning meetings
  • Identifying topics for upcoming events
  • Coordinating with the Partnership Director to secure speakers and identify venues for each event
  • Securing speaker bios
  • Preparing the event program for each public event, including agenda, directions and other special instructions
  • Hand off event program to Promotions Director for publicity and Production Director for planning and coordination of event



Partnership Director - Caroline Platt

Email: carolineplatt@gmail.com


Our activities wouldn't be possible without partners. We partner with other businesses and organizations to find topics, speakers and venues for future activities. The Partnership Director manages the relationships with the global Social Media Club parent organization, other important social media organizations (both national and local), as well as with local businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring or hosting upcoming activities. This person is responsible for:

  • Managing relationships with SNCR and other national and local social media-related organizations
  • Build and maintain relationships with, and identify co-sponsorship opportunities with, local marketing and technology organizations
  • Identifying and managing the relationships with past and future event sponsors, co-sponsors and venues
  • Coordinating with the Programming Director to find appropriate time slots, topics and venues for partner-sponsored events
  • Coordinating with the Production Director to identify speaker and sponsor needs for each event


Promotions Director - John R Hopkins

Email: johnhopkins@gmail.com


Promotion is key to the ultimate success of our organization--and the earlier the better! This person is reponsible for:

  • Managing the Social Media Club Richmond, VA web pages, including the blog, wiki, forums and email list
  • Coordinating with Programming Director to secure program agenda for each event
  • Promoting future events through all the above-named channels
  • Publicizing future events through online and traditional channels
  • Writing and sending around recaps of each public meeting
  • Recording, publishing and sharing audio and video from events


Production Director - Kira Siddall

Email: kira.siddall@gmail.com


This person is responsible for all aspects of event execution, including:

  • Assuming responsibility for event program from Programming Director
  • Scheduling and managing planning meetings with event sponsors and speakers
  • Managing on-site signage, video, audio and lighting
  • Coordinating food and drink with event sponsors and/or venue
  • Staffing and managing event registration
  • Maintaining the master member list
  • Managing development and collection of feedback forms
  • Managing giveaways and all-other on-site activities


Membership Director - Doug Meacham

Email: smcrichmond@gmail.com


The membership director is responsible for three important roles:

  • Managing the master membership list of the Richmond, VA Social Media Club
  • Promoting local membership in the global Social Media Club organization
  • Managing the relationship with the global Social Media Club organization



As the group develops, other roles may be identified. Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you! Again, if you'd like to volunteer for these or other roles with the Richmond, VA group, please email Doug Meacham. Thanks!


Digital Scribe?

How about one person responsible for recording and blogging events.




Throw your ideas into the table below. It doesn't matter how crazy they are. We'll consider them all. Thanks!




April 2009

Intro to SMC Doug Meacham TBD     Introductory event - provide overview of SMC (history, objectives, plans).  Get input on direction, enlist volunteers
May 2009 Shiny Object Syndrome Doug Meacham Geoff Livingston     Geoff has given this presentation at other SMC events
June 2009 Social Media Karaoke Doug Meacham Doug Meacham, Kaitlyn Wilkins Sushi Ninja? (they have offered to host this month's event)   

How can offline interactions and events help strengthen your client's brand, your corporate brand or your personal brand in the social media space? Join Kaitlyn and Doug as they discuss best practices for planning and executing offline experiences that create buzz online and deliver results against your social media objectives. (Karaoke to follow. For real.)

TBD Social Media in the News Doug Meacham Ryan Nobles, ???     The news media had jumped on the Twitter Bandwagon.  From newpapers to news anchors, journalists are adding the service to their toolkit.  Local journalists discuss the whys and hows, what's working and what's not, and how they are measuring the results
  The Business Case for Social Media TBD TBD TBD   How to think through the strategic reasons for using social media internally or externally and how to make the case to management. 
August 2009 Non-profits and social media Caroline Platt/SMCRVA TBD Mondial Assistance TBD A discussion of Social Media for Social Good. Need to determine format - panel presentation? Speaker?
September 2009 Basics Bootcamp Caroline Platt/SMCRVA TBD TBD TBD Encourage a broader audience that might not be on Facebook or Twitter (gasp!) to attend and join the conversation. Provide stations with an overview of how to engage on all the different sites. Could mimic a "trade show" format with booths staffed by volunteers?
October 2009 Advanced Best Practices Caroline Platt/SMCRVA TBD TBD TBD Discussion of new trends and how best practices are evolving.
  Cluetrain Manifesto Revisited          
  Social Media and Education   TBD TBD TBD  
  Personalities and Personal Brands   TBD TBD TBD  
  Social Media and the Law   TBD TBD TBD  
  Social Media and the Protection of Content   TBD TBD TBD  
  Authenticity and Transparency.   TBD TBD TBD Case studies: Strumpette.com, Nashville is Talking - Too Transparent/Authentic? Are there any issues for people with different identities for work & personal? Are we going to hold people and companies accountable for their words? Tim O'Reilly developed a blogger code of ethics. Are people really policing each other? Is "Authenticity" the same for journalists as it is for bloggers, for individuals, or PR/Corporate agents or entities? Let's define "Authenticity" vs. "Transparency." Is one ever appropriate without the other? If so, when and why?..


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