Project: Sharing Lessons Learned

Sharing Lessons Learned

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Looking for Social Media Champions - the people inside of organizations who fought for engaging customers, employees and the broader market through social media.  We are looking for champions to fill out an online interview form and will be publishing the findings on the Social Media Club blog and also in Chris Heuer and Brian Solis' upcoming book, The Social Media Playbook.  In short, we want to discover how you overcame the objections of management, what worked for you and what didn't.  Or more simply, how did you go from weird outsider to welcomed champion? 


Will you please fill out this interview questionaire on SurveyMonkey to share your stories, or write a blog post and link it from here.



Working on this project:



Chris Heuer


Researchers (in alphabetical order, by last name)

Francine Hardaway, email:

Annie Heckenberger, email:

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Social Media Champions: