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This is a page for us to put shared resources, I started it because I just put together a new Ping Server list and needed a better place to share it in the club's site...


Ping Server List

Please update this as you find servers that are down or new ones that should be added in. Download a CSV of Ping Servers current as of 2007-01-06.csv




Shared Corporate Blogging Policies

At the Social Media 2007 conference there was a discussion about sharing blogging policies. Someone asked if Social Media Club had a repository for this. We do now: please share your blogging policies here by putting in a link or upload a file here.


http://www.corporateblogging.info/2005/06/policies-compared-todays-corporate.asp - Great overview of corporate blogging policies - a little outdated, but pretty informative analysis. (From Chris Heuer's Del.icio.us feed)


Great resource - list of blog policies at the New PR wiki:



Facebook - Research Paper

Research paper, distributed under the Creative Commons license, that aims at providing better insight into Facebook, ranging from facts and details about the website’s growth, to information about advertising, studies on its users’ behavior or suggestions of metrics for social media.





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