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Northwest Arkansas Social Media Club

Page history last edited by Jay Thornton 13 years, 7 months ago

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Social Media Club Northwest Arkansas




We're currently looking for sponsors for upcoming events. Please contact Kyle Judkins if you're interested in sponsoring an event--you can suggest a topic and help us with a venue!



We're also looking for great ideas for upcoming events. Please share your thoughts below on possible upcoming events, speakers, sponsors, etc. below.


Our schedule of events is below. Locations, hosts/sponsors and topics will be listed as they become available. All events are FREE, unless otherwise stated. As agendas become available, we'll add links to them from this page (click on the date). Thanks to our sponsors, and to everyone on the Leadership team for their hard work to make this schedule possible! 


NOTE: Please tag all blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and photos with SMCNWA and socialmediaclub. If you upload photos to Flickr, we would appreciate you adding them into the Social Media Club pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/socialmediaclub/. Thank you!



All our past events can be viewed on the http://socialmediaclubnwa.ning.com/.




The Social Media Club Northwest Arkansas is looking for help shaping the future of social media in our local area. We have identified four roles that we needed support filling. These four people form the leadership team of the Northwest Arkansas group. If you'd be interested in helping one of them, please send an email to Kyle Judkins. And your input on these roles is welcome--as with all the Social Media Club Wiki pages, this one is editable too (the password is above, feel free to add your comments or suggestions below).


Kyle Judkins





Leading all that is the Northwest Arkansas chapter of the Social Media club, Kyle not only helped found the club but manages many important rolls throughout. His official duties are listed below but his influence is seen in many other aspects of club management. 

  • Managing the Social Media Club Northwest Arkansas web pages, including the blog, wiki, forums and email list
  • Coordinating with all the other Directors to secure program agenda for each event
  • Promoting future events through all the above-named channels
  • Publicizing future events through online and traditional channels
  • Writing and sending around recaps of each public meeting



Collin Condray

Programming Director



At the heart of the Social Media Club are great interactive events. Collin manages all aspects of the activity calendar for the Northwest Arkansas chapter and is responsible for: 

  • Identifying topics for upcoming events
  • Coordinating with the Partnership Director to secure speakers and identify venues for each event
  • Securing speaker bios
  • Preparing the event program for each public event, including agenda, directions and other special instructions
  • Hand off event program to Promotions Director for publicity and Production Director for planning and coordination of event



Tom Redwine

Partnership Director



Our activities wouldn't be possible without partners. We partner with other businesses and organizations to find topics, speakers and venues for future activities. Tom manages the relationships with the global Social Media Club parent organization, other important social media organizations (both national and local), as well as with local businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring or hosting upcoming activities. He is responsible for:

  • Managing relationships with SNCR and other national and local social media-related organizations
  • Build and maintain relationships with, and identify co-sponsorship opportunities with, local marketing and technology organizations
  • Identifying and managing the relationships with past and future event sponsors, co-sponsors and venues
  • Coordinating with the Programming Director to find appropriate time slots, topics and venues for partner-sponsored events
  • Coordinating with the Production Director to identify speaker and sponsor needs for each event



Jay Thornton

Membership Director



Organization and promotion of our local membership is crucial to growth of the chapter.  Jay manages promotion of local events through the global Social Media Club as well as through local venues.  He is also responsible for:

  • Managing the master membership list of the Northwest Arkansas Social Media Club
  • Promoting local membership in the global Social Media Club Organization
  • Managing the relationship with the global Social Media Club organization



As the group develops, other roles may be identified. Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you! Again, if you'd like to volunteer with the Northwest Arkansas group, please email Kyle Judkins. Thanks!

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Kendall Curlee said

at 7:46 am on Jan 19, 2010


I'd like to get current stats on number of Facebook and Twitter users in Arkansas (if possible, broken down by age, region). Any idea where I could get this data?


Kendall Curlee

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