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Social Media Club of Minnesota


Why Social Media Club - Minnesota?



"Be like the Internet: Collaborative, Disruptive, Networked" - Scott Hirsch


The idea of Social Media Club is to have smaller round table discussions on the future of social media and how it relates to our world, business, or organization. Minnesota is full of individuals and existing organizations who are highly fluent in the conversation of community. Let's chat on engagement, vendors, best practices, ethics, regulation, adoption, and community management. SMC is just a way to discuss these topics with existing groups in the Twin Cities. Think of it as a break out session at a trade show.


We look forward to integrating future activities with MIMA, Social Media Breakfast Club Minneapolis, and Twin Cities Interactive Community. The idea of SMC Minnesota is to connect our local conversations with the other chapters and groups in the US including SFO, Boston, Austin, and DC. With such great talent and organizations here in Minnesota, bringing alignment is part of the goal of SMC of Minnesota. More details of organizing committee are being formed to develop the Minneapolis Social Media Club. 



Our schedule of events is below. Locations, hosts/sponsors and topics will be listed as they become available. All events are FREE, unless otherwise stated. As agendas become available, we'll add links to them from this page (click on the date). We are looking to define the Minnesota Leadership so visit this page for available volunteer positions!



-Visit the Social Media Breakfast NING site for the ongoing meetings and discussion



SPONSORS WANTED: We're currently looking for sponsors for upcoming events. Please contact doug [at] pollei.com if you're interested in sponsoring an event--you can suggest a topic and help us with a venue!


IDEAS WANTED: We're also looking for great ideas for upcoming events. Check out the Minnesota Ideas Page and share your thoughts on possible upcoming events, speakers, sponsors, etc.  (Thanks Chicago for the Leadership and Idea Page Tempaltes).




Events marked with a dollar sign ($) have an entry fee. See the event page for details.  Please note that registration and sign-up procedures will vary from event to event. Please be sure to read carefully about registration requirements for each event. Thanks!



Please tag all blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and photos with smbmsp smcminn and socialmediaclub.


If you upload photos to Flickr, we would appreciate you adding them into the Social Media Club Graficas pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/socialmediaclub/. Thank you!





  • Venue recommendations:
  • Sponsors:


Social Media Club - Minneapolis, Minnesota




Local Organizers: 




Social Media Club Minneapolis will pursue relationships with:


Social Media Breakfast - Twin Cities






Twin Cities Interactive Group



UofM - Institute for Research in Marketing



AIGA Minnesota



Ad Fed MN / AD2









Likemind MIN



Minnesota Chapter of the American Marketing Association





Past Events:


The first SMC panel discussion was held May 14th, 2008 with MIMA - Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association.  




Yes, you know about social media success stories like Facebook, Flickr and You Tube.  Yes, you know that consumers of all kinds can be reached with these vehicles. And yes, it can be next to impossible to convince your clients, executives or lawyers that social media is a good idea for your brand.

The evolution of Social Media is one of the greatest opportunities – and threats – to businesses in today's market place. Join MIMA and a panel of leading social media experts for a discussion that will address how big organizations:



This panel discussion was presented by MIMA, in conjunction with UrbanDilemma and the Minneapolis Chapter of the Social Media Club.

Members of the panel included local experts who will talk about strategies for approaching, managing and deploying social media.






Listen to the Podcast of the event here: http://www.mima.org/resources/articles.asp?articleID=68



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Adarsh Rao said

at 9:52 am on Sep 17, 2009

Hello, I am interested in social media for the non profit sector. I became a member of the Minneapolis chapter of Social Media Club Wiki and would like to volunteer for the same.


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