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Leadership Council Responsibilities and Tasks


  • Define and finalize organizing purpose / mission statement
    • Currently focused on media literacy (consumption and production), promoting ethical behaviour (disclosure, respctful dialogue, honesty) and supporting important standards (Creative Commons, Open ID etc..)
    • Where does lobbying fit into this?  On what issues?
  • Finalize the type and nature of the organization
    • legally
    • structurally
    • national-local
    • Officially Chartered Cities
  • Fundraising
  • Roles and Responsibilities of leadership within international and local chapters
    • Recruiting
    • Accountability of leadership
  • "Handing over the keys" for membership systems etc...
  • Collaboration
    • Use Private Jot Wiki (get account from Chris Heuer)
      • Message board for primary discussion
    • Use general SMC Mailing list for broader discussions with members



Thanks Tris Hussey for these notes during the call: 


(I will disclaim right now that I am not trying to take detailed notes)




Cathryn Hrudicka's blogs and web sites:


PR and Marketing Mentor blog:   http://CathrynHrudicka.wordpress.com

What's Innovation Got to Do with It?:   http://CreativeSage.wordpress.com

Creativity and Innovation Notations:   http://360.yahoo.com/CathrynHrudicka

Facebook (profile has splashcast of social media video on YouTube):  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=662811390

Squidoo lens on Social Entrepreneurship:  http://www.squidoo.com/CreativeSageSocialEntrepreneurship/

Main domains are being expanded soon:





Cathryn has extensive experience working as a management, PR, marketing and fundraising consultant for businesses and nonprofits. She is also an innovation program designer and executive coach. She has founded or co-founded a half a dozen organizations and has served in senior management and Board positions for notable nonprofits, in addition to being a consultant. She believes in social entrepreneurship and has formed successful collaborations between companies and nonprofits to work on projects in the Bay Area and in other countries. A background package, client list and resume are available upon request. Not all of this information is currently available on Cathryn's sites or blogs. She participates in many social media networks and has a passion for finding new uses for social media.


Chris Heuer's vision is that SMC will be cash-flow positive so that people who put a lot of time in, might get some compensation for that work.  Recognizing that people aren't doing the work for compensation.  The real issue is that Chris can't do it all himself we need more people to do the work.



Boston and Austin seem to be pretty well organized--make sure they are involved.  Share best practices.


Discussion about which non-profit designation is right for us.


There needs to be official charters and chapters.  There are legal and liability concerns.


Jim Turner has previous experience as president of a non-profit


TIE--model of the first chaper in Silicon Valley became the head chapter.  Formality is important. Sanjay from L.A. will share templates from that organziation structure.


Connie Reece ... several of the Austin members also have experience running non-profit organizations ... stepping up to help.


There is a private wiki, message board, etc on JotSpot.  Chris to try to set up logins for people.


Jim Turner: okay let's move onto getting bodies into chairs.


Please reply to SMC e-mail from Chris to make sure people are getting it.



  • Who is going to volunteer
  • What is the vision/goal: trade assoc., professional group, club? (My two cents--Tris--I think it can operate in all three capacities)


Bottom line: we need people to step forward and take the reins of leadership.




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