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Page history last edited by Tess Staadecker 12 years, 9 months ago

Visit our Website and Join our email list | Join the Social Media Club Hawaii Facebook Group

Help work on our 2010 Agenda Here.

Updated Jan 31, 2010 (by Roxanne Darling)



  • Confirm speaker 3 weeks before event; get picture, bio, and description
  • Write blog post
  • Create Eventbrite RSVP  page
  • Send email announcement to our list
  • Do outreach and publicity (See separate item below)
  • Prep speaker on equipment, presentation style, date & time
  • Bring leis for guest speakers
  • Confirm equipment checklist 
  • Redirect all inquiries to the Speakers form on our web site


Membership Team: This idea is on hold.

  • Membership  drive - with publicity
  • Create member benefits: monthly prize drawings, featured on blogroll, guest author on SMCHI blog, etc.
  • Custom nametags
  • Outreach to other clubs whose members may travel here
  • Sister city? guest visit or contest
  • Rox will work with Kristie re: getting an updated member list



  • So far Bare Feet Studios is underwriting the few costs we have for email list service, forms, URL, and web hosting
  • ING Cafe is providing location and AV support.


Sponsorship Team: This idea is on hold.

  • We have these sponsors: ING Cafe, Bare Feet Studios DBA KnowHow Cafe
  • Develop packages with levels and benefits: a page on our website, featured in email blasts, Twitter buzz, etc
  • Rox can do nice PDF when details are ready
  • Reach out to potential companies
  • Benefit: Great buzz, plus you learn too
  • Rox will add sponsors to the web site when signed; also add to Meetup page and Eventbrite 



  • Create blog post with information from Programs - TS
  • Create Eventbrite page for registration
  • Create Meetup event
  • Create email blast - 3x a month; (Rox will handle this)
    • a followup with highlights from immediate past event;
    • announcement 2 Fridays in advance of event;
    • tu or we of meeting week 
  • Collect a $25-50 gift certificate from a local business as prize drawing
    • Get their Name, Web Address, Facebook & Twitter handle if available
  • Facebook - post Event and send message to members of our Facebook group & others in Hawaii - TS
  • Tech Hui - post event http://www.techhui.com 
  • Big Island Internet Society http://bialoha.ning.com/ 
  • Social Wahines - email event info
  • Write page for HonoluluAdvertiser.com - TS
  • Email info to other associations:- TS
    • PRSA @JulieFord808, @TessStaadecker
    • IABC Kris Tanahara kris at beckercommunications dot com
    • SMEI Stephanie Uyeda stephanieuyeda at hawaii.rr.com
    • MPI Nada Marriott nada at experteventplanners.com
    • HRA Chrissy hra at hawaiirestaurants.com
  • Email traditional media:- TS
    •  hawaii at honoluluadvertiser dot com
    • @ErikaEngle StarBulletin or eengle at starbulletin.com
    • @NaneaKalani at Pacific Business News
  • Get a volunteer live blogger and live tweeter tba in the email blast for each meeting (Tess is designated)
  • Tap all of our personal networks as much as possible
  • Tweet and re-tweet

Equipment Checklist:

  • Computers
    • Presenter Laptop with Wifi
    • Livestream Laptop with Wifi
    • Webcam for livestream
    • External mic for livestream
    • Two mice & mousepads
    • Thumbdrive for last minute file transfer
  • Supplies
    • Sign in sheet - print from Eventbrite
    • Pens for walks-in guests to use
    • Name tags (preprinted for members, blank for guests)
    • Sharpies for name tags
    • Small basket for prize drawings
    • Red, Yellow, and green cards for audience participation
    • Flyers to explain about SMC and how to participate
    • Leis for guest speakers
    • Gift certificate
  • Lending Library
    • Bring books to loan
    • Bring sign out sheet
    • Collect business card or name, email, and phone of borrower plus items being borrowed
  • Meeting Notes
    • Print page from web site with Agenda and speaker bio
    • Print default meeting notes to thank sponsors, mention tags, Twitter, etc.

Please see our website for more updated information on our programs: www.smchawaii.org


March 7, 2009 (by Roxanne Darling)

We had a great launch meeting last night!  More news to come, however for now Kelly Mitchell is taking the reins, Tess Staadecker is handling programs, and Roxanne Darling is serving as the lead member with paid status.

We set the next meeting for Friday, April 10th and are thinking about the second Friday as our standing date. ING Cafe has offered the continued use of their space. Time is looking like 5:00 - 6:30 pm, with networking from 5-5:30 and the formal program starting promptly at 5:30 pm. We'll try this out for a while and see how it goes; your input is welcome.

Notes from the Meeting:

Thank you to everyone who came to this meeting - the energy was wonderful and the facility very conducive to talking and geeking. (Thanks again Cleo from ING Cafe.) 

We will be getting communication channels started shortly and really looking forward to the launch of the new SMC web site!

About the Social Media Club

* Social Media Club (SMC) is registering for non-profit status and offers several membership options, including a free, "Open" member.
* There must be at least one paying member to launch a chapter. (Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson have a company membership under Bare Feet Studios; check.)
* SMC will be launching a major new membership website later this month. Each chapter will have its own area for blogging, events, etc and each member will have a unique login, and can designate their home chapter.
* There are currently about 300 paid members and over 1500 total members, with chapters all around the world.
* Local chapters have a lot of leeway in determining their activities and management.
* 10% of membership dues will be given back to the chapter to help cover operational expenses.
* The parent organization will be looking for sponsors and will share a portion of that with the chapters; chapters are able to get their own sponsors as well.

The Hawaii Chapter

* Close to 50 people attended from multiple disciplines.
* Kelly Mitchell has agreed to take the leadership position and Tess Staadecker has agreed to coordinate programs, starting with the next few months as we get ourselves organized.
* ING Cafe has agreed to host our meetings.
* Tess suggested we invite a local non-profit org to be a working case study for our group, where we can help them develop and implement a social media strategy over a 6-12 month term. People loved that idea.
* Each meeting will feature a demo or case study; we will be looking at ways to poll the group and manage this. There is so much to learn!
* Roxanne gave a short, 15-minute presentation, The Social Web Changes "Everything"
* Roxanne also brought along some books to share; several were "checked out" and we are hoping some coder might come up with a library that will show the books, who has them, and who might want it next.
* The live streaming did not (Flash errors in the browser) but we are hoping that will work next time.
* We are using these tags: #SMCH, socialmediaclub, socialmediaclubhawaii, INGcafe - let's add #SMCHI as Shane had set up that as a Twitter account some time ago, and it is more specific than SMCH.

Here are some links for further research:

Main SMC Site: http://www.socialmediaclub.org/
Join SMC Flickr Group: 
Map of Local Chapters: 
List of links to Local Chapters: 
Link to SMCH Wiki Page: 
Link to SMC Twitter users: 
Follow SMC on Twitter: 
Follow SMCHI on Twitter: 


Ed Morita took photos; you can see them on his Flickr page.

Roxanne blogged about it here.

Erika Engle gave us advance coverage in the Star-Bulletin.

March 6, 2009 Hawaii Chapter Launch Meeting (by Roxanne Darling)


Date: Friday, March 6

Time: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Place: ING Direct Cafe, 1958 Kalakaua Ave (former home of Local Motion store; parking in rear)

Print a coupon for a free beverage.

Map and Directions


Special thanks to Cleota Brown for offering the space to us. If you haven't been here yet, I think you will be excited. The space is open, modern, there are low cost food and drink items, and you can learn about their online banking. I found it a very interesting story on the company and its founder.



Please email me (roxanne @barefeetstudios.com) if you want to be notified. It is open to everyone and let me say in advance I appreciate your help in spreading the word!  Aloha, Roxanne Darling


September 10, 2008 (by Roxanne Darling)

Social Media Club Honolulu is in the early stages of development. Please contact Roxanne Darling if you are interested in helping form this chapter. I can be reached at roxanne at barefeetstudios dot com.


Upcoming Events of Interest




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