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Social Media Club Boston




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This is a white space for ideas for upcoming events. Hopefully it will help us match ideas up with sponsors, organizers, venues and dates!


Throw your ideas into the table below. It doesn't matter how crazy they are. We'll consider them all. Thanks!



August 20, 2009 Emerald Necklace Photo Walk Sandy Kalik, Todd Van Hoosear Nobody (Social Event) Arboretum, Pub TBD Hershey's Signup is active: http://emeraldnecklace.eventbrite.com/
Sept. 10, 2009 TBD Networking-related Todd Van Hoosear, Greg PC, Chris Heuer TBD TBD Large networking provider Todd to connect up with Chris Heuer ASAP, and identify speaking ideas. Greg to ask Microsoft for venue space
October 8, 2009 Social Media & the Law Todd Van Hoosear, Terry Frechette, Greg PC Sokolove, Boston Bar Assoc.

Boston Bar Association Sokolove

Todd & Terry to meet up with Bonnie Sashin and plan event.



Nov., 2009 Social Media & the Future of PR and Journalism Todd Van Hoosear, Jen McClure, Darlene Hollywood TBD SNCR SNCR, PRSA Todd to check in with Jen
Dec. 10, 2009 Love & Lust on the Internet Greg PC, Adam Zand Lexalita, TBD TBD TBD Greg, Adam to write up and own
Jan. 14, 2010 Health & Medicine Jim McManus, Greg PC, Anita Harris Policy, eHealth Collaborative, Health Connector

Jim, Greg to write up and own.


Feb 11, 2010 Social Media Olympics Terry Frechette, Adam Zand TBD TBD BoCoCo, TBD Terry, Adam to write up and own.
March, 2010 Gaming & Gambling on the Internet Adam Zand, Greg PC TBD TBD TBD  
TBD SocialMediaCampBoston Chris Heuer, Kristie Wells, Todd Van Hoosear, Erica O'Grady Everybody and Anybody TBD TBD Todd getting more details from Chris and Kristie. Oriiginally supposed to happen last summer.
July, 2010 Summer Fun: Social Media Geocaching Treasure Hunt Greg PC, Sandy Kalik N/A TBD Verizon  
August, 2010 Social Media Comedy Night Adam Zand, Greg PC TBD TBD TBD TBD
TBD Crowdsourcing History: Memorializing with Social Media Greg PC TBD Weber Shandwick Cambridge Weber Shandwick Greg has the lead on this
TBD Social Responsibility in the Digital Age Todd V. TBD
Racepoint Group Racepoint Group Todd checking back in with Racepoint
TBD Social Media, Fund Raising & Non-Profits Sandy Kalik, Todd Van Hoosear, Gabrielle Yetter, Jen McClure Beth Kanter, Amir Lewkowicz, Brian @ Inspire SNCR SNCR Todd working with Beth and Sandy to reschedule. To be held in conjunction with annual SNCR event.
TBD Sports and Social Media "On The Border" Brainstorming Session Adam Zand TBD TBD This came up again recently. We need someone to own this and drive it. Who has the sports connections? Maybe Adam Zand?
  Second Life Revisted Sandy Kalik, Anita Harris Linden Labs TBD Text 100 Again? SL was hot, then died, but it is about to be reborn as a modeling/education tool for medicine and other industries?
  Is Google the New Microsoft? "On The Border" Brainstorming Session TBD TBD TBD i.e., are they evil?
  Social Media and the Future of TV "On The Border" Brainstorming Session TBD TBD TBD  
  Social Media and Education "On The Border" Brainstorming Session TBD TBD TBD  
  Personalities and Personal Brands "On The Border" Brainstorming Session TBD TBD TBD  
  Social Media and the Three Gs (Girls, Games and Gambling) "On The Border" Brainstorming Session TBD TBD TBD  
  The Business Case for Social Media (Revisited) "On The Border" Brainstorming Session TBD TBD TBD  
  Social Media and the Protection of Content "On The Border" Brainstorming Session TBD TBD TBD  
  Social Media Knitters "On The Border" Brainstorming Session TBD TBD TBD I have no clue what this was supposed to be--a knit in?
  Gloucester Summer Outing Tony Sapienza NONE (Social) Blue Shutters Beachside    
  Social Media for Higher Education Georgia Riepe Everybody (working groups)

Waltham, Cambridge,


  SM for recruitment, retention, development and alumni relations


Help us keep Social Media Club Boston events free! We're looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of hosting a group of between 75 and 150 (and sometimes larger) social media gurus, students and fans.


The Social Media Club Boston is the largest local group in the worldwide Social Media Club network, and attracts potential employees, customers, partners and users for any company looking to grow their visibility among social media savvy people.


The Social Media Club Boston meets on a monthly basis to discuss all aspects of social media. Each program focuses on a specific topic, and includes a panel discussion and break-out sessions to explore various facets of each topic.



For more information on Boston's social media effort, visit their blog.

Please tag all blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and photos with SMCBoston.

If you upload photos to Flickr, we would appreciate you adding them into the Social Media Club pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/socialmediaclub/. Thank you!


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Chris Koch said

at 8:39 am on Apr 30, 2010

How about something on marketing's leadership role in social media within the organization?

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