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 Social Media Club Atlanta



Our schedule of events is below. Locations, hosts/sponsors and topics will be listed as they become available. All events are FREE, unless otherwise stated. As agendas become available, we'll add links to them from this page (click on the date). Thanks to our sponsors, and to everyone on the Atlanta Leadership Team for their hard work to make this schedule possible!    



IDEAS WANTED: We're also looking for great ideas for upcoming events. Check out the Atlanta Ideas page and share your thoughts on possible upcoming events, speakers, sponsors, etc.


You can find us on the social web at:




Twitter: @smcatl


Summer Program Series: The Social Media Love Affair


Brands and consumers alike have fallen head over heels with social media channels such as Second Life, Facebook and Twitter as a means to interact with one another.  But is it just temporary infatuation or lasting true love?  Early brand adopters have much to teach us about how to navigate these emerging channels.


In this series, we’ll examine past and current brand/consumer love affairs across multiple industries, discuss what it will take for brands and consumers to realize a successful social media relationship and the evolving tools that are helping both sides determine whether to commit or split.


Event Titles:

  • June 09 “Brands + Consumers: Dating and Mating in the Social Arena
  • July 09 “The Case for Investment: What It Takes for Brands and Consumers to Commit
  • August 09 “Social Analytics: How to Gauge the Relationship”


Join us at our next Social Media Club Atlanta event! June 9, 2009 7-9 PM Topic: Brands + Consumers: Dating and Mating in the Social Arena

Please register for the event 


Over the last three years, we’ve watched as brands and consumers engage one another through various social media channels.  While some relationships have succeeded, others it seems never made it past the first or second date.  In this discussion, we’ll look at brand/consumer social media relationships within different industries and ask:

  • Who’s In and Who’s Out?
    • Which brands/organizations are playing the field?
    • Which ones are serial monogamists?
    • Which ones are in a long-term relationship?
  • What’s the Reason for the Attraction?
    • What business goals/objectives drove their initial interest?
    • What social media tools caught their eye?
    • Which consumers were they trying to reach?
  • Good Dating vs. Bad Dating
    • Real-time examples from each industry (reference online)
  • When to Keep Dating and When to Breakup
    • What should brands/organizations keep doing?
    • What should brands/organizations do differently?


 Our guest panelist will be Jon Caddell, Director of Advertising at ING Financial.


Thanks to our sponsor Mountain View Summit, there will be complimentary drink ticket and some good eats to be shared and lots of opportunity to mingle with your fellow SMCers.


Each of our meetings will be at Manuel's Tavern in the North Avenue room on the (usually) second Thursday of each month 7:00-9:00pm.


We are amidst working on our organization and event planning and would love to have your input. While our web presence is being developed, please write to us with your input, ideas or questions: peter@mass-logic.com or tessa@driveafastercar.com


Thanks for your understanding, support and look forward to our ongoing conversation!




  • Thursday, August 13, 2009 - Topic: Social Analytics: How to Gauge the Relationship
  • Thursday, July 16, 2009 - Topic: The Case for Investment: What it takes for Brands and Consumers to Connect
  • Thursday, June 9, 2009 - Topic: Brands + Consumers: Dating and Mating in the Social Arena


Events marked with a dollar sign ($) have an entry fee. See the event page for details. Please note that registration and sign-up procedures will vary from event to event. Please be sure to read carefully about registration requirements for each event. Thanks! 


Please tag all blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and photos with #smcatl and #smc.


If you upload photos to Flickr, we would appreciate you adding them into the Social Media Club pool at http://www.flickr.com/groups/socialmediaclub/. Thank you!





Note on venues, please add how many people the space can hold comfortably


  1. please let us know if you would like to host an event




  1. please contact Peter Fasano (peter@mass-logic.com) about your sponsorship interest





Comments (2)

Rory Partalis said

at 8:37 pm on Feb 20, 2009

Hey, glad to see an Atlanta club open up. If you get something going, I'd be happy to help out. rpartalis@hotmail.com

Benin Brown said

at 4:57 am on Mar 11, 2009

Hi this looks like a dynamic group. Does anyone have notes or any information that summarizes the March 5, 09 meetup on using Twitter for brand mktg?

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